As I’ve started taking some of my R packages and cleaning them up with the goal of submitting them to public repos like CRAN or Bioconductor, I’ve started going through the process of routinely running them through R CMD check and R CMD BiocCheck. I do this on multiple computers, and have realized that there’s a few annoying prerequisites that I have to install in order to get these processes to complete… To make things easier, I just put all these prerequisites into a Docker container, and wrote a few wrapper scripts so I can run R CMD check and BiocCheck in a docker container. This way, I can check my packages on any system running docker, and I don’t have to install things that I otherwise wouldn’t use, like random LaTeX styles.

You can use my sheffien/rdev docker container to do the same. Just put my script dockrpack in your PATH, pull the rdev container, and run both R CMD check and R CMD BiocCheck with:

dockrpack ~/absolute/path/to/your/Rpackage

No additional dependencies required!