About simpleCache

SimpleCache is an R package providing functions for caching R objects. Its purpose is to encourage writing reusable, restartable, and reproducible analysis pipelines for projects with massive data and computational requirements.

Like its name indicates, simpleCache is intended to be simple. You choose a location to store your caches, and then provide the function with nothing more than a cache name and instructions (R code) for how to produce the R object. While simple, simpleCache also provides some advanced options like environment assignments, recreating caches, reloading caches, and even cluster compute bindings (to SLURM) making it flexible enough for use in large-scale data analysis projects.


You can install the development version directly from github:


Getting started

After installing, you create caches like this:

simpleCache("normSample", { rnorm(1e7, 0,1) }, recreate=TRUE)
simpleCache("normSample", { rnorm(1e7, 0,1) })

It’s simple! There are several vignettes available at github. Please head over there for more complete details.